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Goa Express AC Coach

Journey from Delhi to Goa by special train coaches reserved for social media friends at our specified dates. Full one week of enjoyment unlimited. You travel with people connected through social media & make them friends when you travel together. Please contact 7838062627 to inquire about the next tour. Probably it will include the GWF beauty contest for Delhi girls in Goa. You get the privilege to travel with them in train or air journey.

Tour Cost around INR 10,000

Click to have a private tour with your own friends at your own decided dates.

Once you lock your coach at night, you cannot have intruders and even if you are carrying costly cellphones or cameras, they are 100% secure. This special coach will be at the end of the train before guard coach, so no one else in the train has to pass through it and so passage door is also locked.
No one in the coach is an absolute stranger. Your own immediate friend group may be only 4-6 persons but everyone else is there for one purpose: enjoy this journey. So you may sing-dance-shout together and live your journey to the fullest. Its just like a college tour, you may have an immediate group of only 10 but all others are an advantage, not disadvantage! You have a full week together and as the time passes by, you get to know others well and may make many nice friends.
Miss your college life? Its your second chance.

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Complete tour itinerary for train journey Delhi to Goa:

Please note that for AIR TOUR everything else is similar except the mode of transport  from Delhi to Goa.

DAY 1: Your train Goa Express moves from Hazrat Nizamuddin station at exactly 15:05 hours. Enjoy nice evening with your friends as well as the next full day!

Day 2: In the train journey….

Day 3: Early morning at 06:30 hours you reach Goa’s main VASCO DA GAMA railway station.

My advise is to travel light; as light as you can. Reach there with near empty bags and fill the stuff from there, mainly your clothing. There is one more advantage of traveling light…..

Advantage of travelling light: Your train reaches Madgaon at 05:40 hrs, 50 minutes before Vasco. Get down there and we head towards the beautiful and crowded beach of Colva about 7 kms away. Hired buses shall take you there. Before that you will get 1 hour to refresh yourself at waiting rooms. You may have your breakfast here.

After that have some real fun at Colva Beach and then the buses that took you here are waiting to take you to your hotel now. You get 2 hours at this beach and that is enough. This beach is situated in southern part of Goa and your hotel is in Calangute, North Goa, around 48 kms or 70 minutes away. So get going to reach there till lunch time.


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