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Ferry from Cortalim

Please note that Party & sports package is available at half the price if you purchase a Maharaja Package as shown on this page.

Sample suite for Goa honeymoon package or Maharaja Package. (Please note that double beds are also available)

Introducing MAHARAJA TOUR PACKAGE : The ‘do-not-put-your-foot-on-earth’ package.
5 days and 4 nights of your ‘King-hood’!
Perfect also for families and honeymoon couples.
1) Air Fare
2) 3-Star resort stay with breakfast
3) A car with driver always at your service for the entire duration of your stay; from the airport-to the airport and everywhere during your entire period of stay in Goa. The driver is your guide as well.
Price ex-Delhi: From only INR 17000 to 24000 per person depending on the season period and slight variation up or down according to your own requirements. Negligible amount for children in addition to the air fare.
It’s a complete value for money package and there is something exclusive waiting for you (surprise).
(INR 1500 extra on total amount for honeymoon couples in order to include something exclusively special)

Package ex-Bangaluru/Mumbai: INR 14000+ (Please ask for the current package price in case of all cities other than Delhi.)

Call Ms. Divya +91-9643775091 from 9 AM to 8 PM or
Mr. Jyoti Narula +91-9891613989 from 8PM to 11 PM.
See a sample room for this package. It’s a suite which is provided only if available at the given time. You have to book at least 40-50 days in advance for this one.

Please migrate to other pages if you wish to travel with large groups of social media friends at our pre-specified dates. See social group train tour details or social group air tour details
If you have a group of your own or a group of relatives or co-workers/colleagues and do not wish to travel with strangers or social media friends, we have an equally interesting and value-for-money tour for you people as well. In the package you’ll get air ticket from your city to Goa, our driver/guide shall pic you up from the Goa airport, transport you to your hotel. You have a nice room booked there. Refresh yourself and then your guide shall tour you around Goa that evening and for next 3 days and drop you at the airport on the fourth day (fifth day of your journey). Hotel/resort room shall be like the one shown in the picture, nothing less. Location? Simply superb and near to the beach. In the off-season months you may get it right at the beach-front! You’re going to be the king in Goa at less than the price of an ordinary private tour if you conduct it yourself …. and mind it …. you do NOT know Goa and if you arrange a tour by yourself, you shall be wasting a lot of your valuable time searching places or bargaining with transporters and what not! If you arrange it through ‘Make my trip’ or any other big-time website, they provide you with costlier tours for the similar amenities and moreover you have to travel in Goa according to their own schedule in a bus with other people. Here you will have your own vehicle of required size/capacity i.e., if you are 3-4 persons, you will get a car/van, if you are up to 12 people, you will get a 12 seater vehicle and so on. You do not share your vehicle with any outsider and its your wish on the way to stop for any duration at any beach, any site etc. Its all yours from 8 AM to 8 PM or 10-11 PM at special request or a bit of tip to the driver/guide.
In their tour, while you are being transported from airport to the hotel, you do not have the option to tell the driver to ‘detour’ or stop somewhere on-route if you do not feel like going to hotel so soon. (2-3 hours of air journey does not tire anyone). Depending upon your hotel location, the distance is going to be 25 to 55 kms from the airport and there shall be at least 1 and at the most 3 big beautiful river bridges on the way where if you request your driver shall take a diversion and take you to the river bank below the bridge and as you can see in the pictures and videos on this page. Anyone can die to have a few snaps at the place I’m going to show you. You too may want to click a few pictures and then proceed; or more, you may even sit and relax in the cool breeze of the river at the bank. The time and the vehicle both are yours. No one will tell you to hurry. This facility is missing when you book a tour with any other professional tour operator. (smiles!)
For example have a look what you get to see en route if your place of stay is on north side of the river Chapora. Driver will show you this place and you can sit or have a stroll here for as long as you want, even before you have checked in the hotel. You have the freedom to check in the hotel first and then return again to see this place. This is a Maharaja tour by name and you are the King and the Queen.

* Driver charges shall be waived off if you decide to drive-it-yourself. But then who is going to guide you about places and routes? Moreover you shall be responsible for God forbid any minor or major accident if it takes place in that alien-state-for-you. So why take a risk? Have a driver/guide and enjoy life to the fullest!
So if you are interested, make sure you prepare yourself AT LEAST 2 MONTHS in advance of your travel dates so that you get the best deals of travel and stay. Call us at 7838062627 and record a message about your requirement during the day. We shall call you back in the next 24 hours with best possible deals.
Meanwhile if you like you may see beautiful pictures and informative videos at

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