Smiles Guaranteed Packages

Girl at Goa resort

Introducing ‘Smiles Guaranteed Packages’ (SGP) for the middle class people.
1. MMP for Families
2. MAHARAJA Package for Honeymoon and comfort seeking families
3. SPP for the young groups saving money
4. SCP for Stay & Casino Coupons

A message from site director James

I am the Director Jyoti Narula ‘James’ wishing you a happy season. My next visit to Goa is scheduled between November 4 to 10th, 2016 and if you adjust your tour through us between these dates, you may get very special discount as well as assured free local tour across whole of North and Central Goa in our cab. I shall be leaving New Delhi on Nov. 4 by AIR ASIA flight no. I5-771 leaving IGI Terminal 3 at 12:25 hours. Accompany me or take any other flight on or around this date. You’ll get the best guidance to spend your time in Goa the best possible way. My further visit will be during Viva Carnival 2017”

In the busy tourist season time when many of the local hoteliers, tour agents and transporters are standing ready to loot you and more seriously, ‘switch off your mood’ by not delivering the promised, we are here to guarantee what every traveler deserves: THE SMILES!



5 days/4 nights (MM5)
4 days/3 nights (MM4)
This package category is designed keeping in mind the middle class tourists who need value for money and family-friendly atmosphere during their tours. It consists everything as Maharaja Package, less a few unnecessary amenities for middle class travelers. If its your ‘First Honeymoon’, we advice full Maharaja Package (Rs 24000 per person during tourist season & cheaper during off season). If its your ‘Second Honeymoon’ with the same spouse and maybe with a child as well, we recommend this Mini Package to save some money.
Price: MM5 package at INR 16,000 to 20,000 with options of 6 places of stay according to your budget. Nominal charges for children.
MM4 package from INR 14,500 to 18,000 with room choices as above.
GWF package aircraft


  • Air Fare
  • Stay at a nice & beautiful deluxe hotel/resort
  • A car with driver to transport you from Airport to Hotel and show you some places en route
  • Car comes at your disposal for sight seeing next day
  • Car drops you to the Airport on fourth day
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    4 days/3 nights

    If you are a young prince not fully grown up to be a Maharaja, if you are a bachelor. if 3 or more of you single young friends are travelling together, if you can make do with beautiful but simple ‘no-frill’ hotel, if you do not need a car with you all the time of your stay, if 3 of you can share a room, then this package is the ‘phaadu idea’ for you if you seek to save some money while enjoying everything in your tour. This can be called a ‘Micro Maharaja Package’; it is ‘Maharaja’ as you travel by air and have a car with driver at your disposal.
    GWF Single Prince Package hotel room pic GWF Single Prince Package hotel pic

    Price: Starting at just 12,000 and very flexible according to your needs.

    Includes everything as Mini Maharaja Package with difference being the place of stay.


  • Air fare
  • 3 nights stay according to your preference
  • Car with driver as in Mini Maharaja Package. Our driver knows how to take full care of youngsters. Talk to us on phone to save further: 7838062627
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    Floating casinos
    Its a 4 days/3 nights Mini Maharaja Package with excitement unlimited. 2 out of 3 nights enjoy playing games in floating Casinos of river Mandovi with 14000 of free playing ‘CHIPS’ in hand. (‘Chips’ are Casino Coupons or Counters as you know)
    Package Price: 32000 per person with a never-before offer from Casinos. Cancel your third day of sight seeing/enjoyment in Goa and pay only 27000 for the package.
    Have a look at the trailer of James Bond movie Casino Royale

    Package includes:

  • Air fare
  • 3 nights 4/5 star stay with one night in Casino ship Deluxe room
  • 2 evenings of enjoyment in 2 different Casinos with free OTP (one time use chips or counters) worth 14000. Play till you drop tired!
  • Free multi-cuisine buffet dinner with lots of alcoholic drinks in Casino included
  • A car that receives you on airport and takes you everywhere in Goa everyday till it drops you back to the airport
  • Two evenings of Gala dinner with unlimited alcoholic drinks & dance/ entertainment in both the casinos. So you will remember these 2 evenings for the rest of your life. Spend third day sight seeing in Goa and evening on a happening beach watching sunset. After all this is what people visit Goa for! If you do not want to pay much, just cancel this extra day/night and save 5000. Pay only 27000.
  • Watch these videos for Sample Maharaja & Mini Maharaja rooms

    GWF provided room near Casinos floating in Mandovi river.

    Fraud committed by OYO: Don’t spoil your honeymoon mood by booking through those who do not understand their responsibility to keep you happy and going.

    Now see what OYO rooms did on Calangute beach room.