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Viva Carnaval Goa 2017

Launched our first App ‘Goa with Friends’ on May 13, 2017. We managed to make it amazingly very lite; just 1.49 MB. Download it free from Google Play Store link

Select a GWF Stay (shown as green markers) from the map below for your budget tour:

4 days/3 nights package cost Rs 11500 per person incl of all taxes. Includes Air Fare (ex Delhi) + 3 nights stay + 1 day of sight seeing + Breakfast at select resorts.
Validity April 2017 to September 2017.
Package price not valid for Premium properties.

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Before trying other offers, have a look at the beach house package available only to our long term members. Following is the video showing our first property under ‘GWF Members Beach Home Stay’ scheme. More such properties will be added every year to let you have a choice. Till then this one is enough to keep you entertained.
Please note that ‘GWF Value Membership’ number is limited, so you are requested to decide it quick. Watch this video and then read about the offer below.

GWF Value Membership valid for 5 years is worth INR 60,000 only and includes:

  • 30 nights of stay during 5 years at any of the small but amazing GWF beach houses spread across Goa. Goa has a coast line 90 kms long. We will be adding properties to choose every year, subject to the feasibility.
  • These 30 nights will be divided across 5 years with 6 nights each year, availed either in continuity or divided in 2 trips according to your preference.
  • Unused nights may be carried over to the next year. Your package nights are valid for a maximum of 10 years with no extra charge. It means that even if you are not able to utilize your nights in 5 years, you do not lose anything.
  • Amazing carry-over: You may have if you like 12 nights in a single year if you have saved the nights from previous year*.
  • Most amazing feature of the package: This package is completely transferable and even refundable*
  • Transferable: This offer is 100% transferable. You may send your family members, friends, boss, employees or anyone you like in your place to avail your nights!
  • Maximum of 2 adults and 2 children are covered in the package. No food is included.
  • Simple Terms & Conditions

    Introducing ‘Smiles Guaranteed Packages’ (SGP) for the Middle Class Tourists (our regular packages)

    1. Mini Maharaja Package ‘MMP’ for Families
    2. MAHARAJA Package ‘MAH’ for Honeymoon and comfort seeking families
    3. Single Prince Package ‘SPP’ for the young groups saving money
    4. ‘SGP’ for Stay & Game Coupons
    5. ‘APP’ for Actual Price Package (Value deal!)

    Call +91-7838062627 now!

    In the busy tourist season time when many of the local hoteliers, tour agents and transporters are standing ready to loot you and more seriously, ‘switch off your mood’ by not delivering the promised, we are here to guarantee what every traveler deserves: THE SMILES!




    5 days/4 nights (MM5)
    4 days/3 nights (MM4)
    This package category is designed keeping in mind the middle class tourists who need value for money and family-friendly atmosphere during their tours. It consists everything as Maharaja Package, less a few unnecessary amenities for middle class travelers. If its your ‘First Honeymoon’, we advice full Maharaja Package (Rs 24000 per person during tourist season & cheaper during off season). If its your ‘Second Honeymoon’ with the same spouse and maybe with a child as well, we recommend this Mini Package to save some money.
    Price: MM5 package at INR 16,000 to 20,000 with options of 6 places of stay according to your budget. Nominal charges for children.
    MM4 package from INR 14,500 to 18,000 with room choices as above.
    GWF package aircraft


    • Air Fare
    • Stay at a nice & beautiful deluxe hotel/resort
    • A car with driver to transport you from Airport to Hotel and show you some places en route
    • Car comes at your disposal for sight seeing next day
    • Car drops you to the Airport on fourth day
    • You get Free Premium membership of GWF worth INR 1000






    4 days/3 nights

    If you are a young prince not fully grown up to be a Maharaja, if you are a bachelor. if 3 or more of you single young friends are travelling together, if you can make do with beautiful but simple ‘no-frill’ hotel, if you do not need a car with you all the time of your stay, if 3 of you can share a room, then this package is the ‘phaadu idea’ for you if you seek to save some money while enjoying everything in your tour. This can be called a ‘Micro Maharaja Package’; it is ‘Maharaja’ as you travel by air and have a car with driver at your disposal.
    GWF Single Prince Package hotel room picGWF Single Prince Package hotel pic

    Price: Starting at just 12,000 and very flexible according to your needs.

    Includes everything as Mini Maharaja Package with difference being the place of stay.


    • Air fare
    • 3 nights stay according to your preference
    • Car with driver as in Mini Maharaja Package. Our driver knows how to take full care of youngsters. Talk to us on phone to save further: 7838062627
    • Free Premium membership of GWF worth INR 1000



    4. STAY & GAMES PACKAGE (SGP): Pride of Goa

    Its more than a Maharaja Package with excitement unlimited. Enjoy playing games in floating SHIPS of river Mandovi with lots of free playing ‘CHIPS’ in hand. (‘Chips’ are GAME Coupons or Counters as you know)
    *Disclaimer: This website does not endorse or promote gambling of any kind. There are other ‘SKILL BASED GAMES’ that we promote.
    Just for entertainment have a look at the trailer of James Bond movie Casino Royale

    Package Price:
    There are 3 types of packages for GAME-lovers: (All travel by air ex. Delhi. Inquire if you are in a different city). Please note that there is a concession upto 2000 for GWF PREMIUM MEMBERS for every tour which can be availed any number of times in a year. GWF Premium membership fee is just INR 1000 per year and includes many other premium advantages as well. Please call to know more.

    GAME packages are:

    1. GAMES Regular Grand Tour INR 32,000 (Effective price INR 17,000)
    2. GAMES Quick Shot Tour INR 22,000 (Value added Tour) (Effective price INR 9,000)
    3. GAMES Tour Nomadic INR 15,000 (Effective price INR 11,000)
    Goa Games vessel entertainment program


    1. Games Regular Grand Tour Package INR 32,000 per person with a never-before offer from GWF. You may cancel your third day of sight seeing/enjoyment in Goa and pay only 27000 for the package. (Effective price becomes INR 12,000. Read further how!)

    Package price INR 32,000

    • Effective price INR 17,000 considering free game chips worth INR 14,000 and GWF Premium membership worth INR 1,000

    Package includes:

    • Air fare from New Delhi
    • 3 nights 4/5 star stay with one night in 5 star DELTIN ROYALE suites
    • 2 evenings of enjoyment in 2 different floating GAME VESSELS (as shown in picture) with free OTP (one time use chips or counters) worth INR 14,000 so the effective price of package becomes INR 18,000. Play till you drop tired!
    • Free multi-cuisine buffet dinner with lots of alcoholic drinks in game vessel included
    • A car that receives you on airport and takes you everywhere in Goa everyday till it drops you back to the airport
    • Two evenings of Gala dinner with unlimited alcoholic drinks & dance/ entertainment in both the GAME VENUES. So you will remember these 2 evenings for the rest of your life. Spend third day sight seeing in Goa and evening on a happening beach watching sunset. After all this is what people visit Goa for! If you do not want to pay much, just cancel this extra day/night and save INR 5,000. Pay only INR 27,000. Effective price becomes INR 13,000
    • Free Premium membership of GWF worth INR 1,000. Effective price becomes 12,000

    You may order your own package if you want to see more in Goa. please consult us.


    2. Games Quick Shot Tour: Costing INR 22,000 including your free INR 12,000 worth of GAME CHIPS. GWF Premium Membership free.

    Price: INR 22,000

    • Effective price INR 9,000 considering free GAME CHIPS worth 12000 and GWF Premium membership worth 1,000

    Package includes:

    • Air fare from Delhi
    • Airport transfers by car
    • Night stay at 5 star hotel
    • GAME VESSEL entry fee & Free Chips worth INR 12000
    • Gala Dinner: Unlimited foods, snacks, alcoholic drinks & entertainment programs by ship management.
    • Option to pay another 12000 and add another such 5 star hotel night, again with Game Chips worth 12000 free, foods, drinks, entertainment, dance etc.
    • Or pay & add another night with or without the games package.
    • Free Premium membership of GWF worth INR 1000

    Day 1. Reach Goa by air. A car takes you to game ship at Panjim about 25 kms from airport. Play to your heart’s content with 12000 of chips which are very-very difficult to finish. Play through most of the night, eat exclusive meals, drink exclusive alcoholic drinks all provided free of cost, enjoy the music, dance and other entertainment programs while eating, drinking or playing. Then if you win, enjoy your win or do not mind losing the game with free chips and go to your 5 star hotel room nearby and sleep peacefully for the rest of night.
    Day 2. Leave your room at 12 noon and our car is waiting to take you to the airport. If you are interested, we arrange for a late evening or late night flight and you can go Goa sight seeing in our car during all this time. You may see Sunset, beaches & Babes. So it becomes a full entertainment package for you.


    3. GAMES Tour Nomadic INR 15,000
    Nomadic are the tribes which do not rest and keep moving. You will not get to sleep in a hotel room in this package. You take an afternoon flight from Delhi, reach Goa in the evening, get transported to GAME VESSEL where you spend your night playing with 3000 worth of free Playing Chips, eat drink imported wine, dance and get entertained as per Vessel programs. Early morning you are transported to airport for return flight.

    Price: INR 15,000

    • Effective price INR 11,000 considering Free Games Chips worth INR 3,000 and GWF Premium membership worth INR 1,000

    Package inclusions:

    • Air fare from Delhi
    • Airport Transfers
    • Game vessel entry fee & Free Chips worth INR 3,000
    • Unlimited snacks, dinner, imported drinks & entertainment programs by Vessel management
    • Free Premium membership of GWF worth INR 1,000


    Same journey, same dates, same hotel, same room … but cheaper deal than any website!
    This package is actually a challenge for our company. If you have ever booked your tours including Air ticket and hotel booking online from any other big company’s website including Yatra, Ibibo, Expedia, Make my trip or any other big name website, just go to that website again and check what rates they are offering on their website for your desired dates for your desired hotels/resorts. Calculate the total cost of your next tour & then ask us. We will give you an estimate as to what we may save you on that particular deal. Same dates, same hotel, same flights. We may save you an amount as great as INR 10,000 (you read it right, 10000) on one family trip! At least INR 2000 saving is guaranteed*
    This is possible because we have the advantage of being ‘insiders’ in the business. We may use our contacts with that hotel, or even grab a deal for that hotel/airlines for you on those very websites that you tried, using our special coupons etc. You never know. You save money anyway and that is it! Only thing that matters at the end of the day is how much we both saved. You will get the actual bills of hotels and airlines plus the third bill of how much we took from you as service charge which will be a fraction of what you saved.
    If we save you 2000, we keep 600. That simple! Try it. Call 7838062627 (24 x 7).


    *Terms of Membership stays:

    1. Refund: If you fail to use your offer nights till the expiry period, refund will be granted according to the nights unused. No questions asked.

    2. Please utilize your carried over unused nights in a planned way with reservations made well in advance so that we can ensure the availability on your desired dates.


    Watch these videos for Sample Maharaja & Mini Maharaja rooms. (Not for Casino Tours).

    GWF provided room near Casinos floating in Mandovi river.